A virtual community market

Ask for a car, tickets for a gig or someone to teach you the cha cha cha! Just set your price and let people nearby make it happen. Your city in realtime, this is the future of commerce. Be part of the revolution.

A transparent marketplace on your doorstep

Zabzie is an open marketplace there is no limit to the supply. This results in more incredible people on the platform. Just think of the things that can happen when you build a platform where people can ask for anything from people nearby? All that truly a mazing talent that you simply didn’t know existed right around you ....We're unlocking that ....that’s exciting.

Opportunities in your community.

Whether you are a student looking for income, a freelancer or small business owner looking for gigs or just want to clear out clutter around the house Zabzie is for you. The more you get out and use Zabzie the stronger community becomes around you.

Sell anything and everything... Well just about

If what you’re requesting or selling is 'socially acceptable' then you’re good to go

It keeps getting better

It's not just some text ad on a well know classifieds website. Zabzie is a virtual community market where you get to find what you want from the people around you. It opens up new opportunities for collaboration and partnership and interaction. The more people who use it the stronger the community .