Mozlo Contact

We're a web development + marketing studio based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Our team consists of 3 people: Fabio (Head Designer / coder) , Edgar (Sales and Support) and Juan (designer) plus additional people hired for specific tasks.

We have extensive experience in all areas of web and print design, as well as marketing developments, action and research, which guarantees you a final product aimed not only to please you from an aesthetic point of view, but also based on results

While we have a broad range of skills, our main area of expertise is WordPress, with deep involvement in custom solutions and complex CMS (Content Management Systems), specially for Multimedia. On top of this, we use the latest technologies and tools for today's online presence: most of our developments are based on a combination of HTML5, JQuery and CSS3, for a pleasant cross-browser and cross-device experience. Needless to say, we can build solutions for desktop and mobile publishing

Besides our experience in design and marketing, we're proud to be the developers and coders of some of the most innovative tools nowadays, starting by our flagship CMS: Flamine