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Free Online Bill Analysis

We have been able to help thousands of small and medium size businesses save hundreds of thousands of dollars combined every year on telephone and IT related expenses!

We specialise in securing the most competitive pricing for all our clients big or small. And we make the transition simple, as we notify the client’s current telco of the changes so all they have to do is say ‘yes’, then sit back, relax and enjoy the savings and ongoing personal account management – best of all our service is offered free of charge, as our time is paid for by the telephone companies.

Every bill analysis we perform looks at 3 areas:

  1. How can you reduce your costs by choosing the best packages and providers.
  2. Which services might be redundant in your operations, so that you can cancel them.
  3. How can you improve the quality of your telecommunication services (through faster Internet, better integration of mobile broadband, latest handsets that pick up on more mobile coverage, etc.).

We’ve been able to reduce telecommunication costs substantially for many clients while upgrading to the latest technology. Put us to the test so that you can see how your business benefits.

All you need to do is upload a current phone bill and we’ll come back with a complete analysis. (You can also fax it for free to 1800 992 790. Please put your name and contact number on the fax, so that we can get in touch with you.)

Please be patient after submitting. The file(s) need to be uploaded. You’ll see a success message.

Here is a sample of the savings we were able to generate for a client recently:

Get your own phone bill analysis for free, so you can start saving.

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