Mobile Telecom


If you haven’t already noticed, iPhone, iPad, Android & Windows Phones have become central to all our worlds, from simple communication like phone calls, SMS to email, IM and shared calendars. But that’s just scratching the surface and now they are being used for whole music and book collections, home automation, point of sale systems, augmented really which enable a virtual world of information overlaid your current reality, and many more possibilities of use will merge over the years to come.


We are very excited to offer an amazing partnership opportunity with selected businesses which have synergies within telecommunications, smart phones or tablet devices such as PC & Apple Resellers, IT Consultants, Home Automation, POS Providers and many more.

We have removed the barriers to entry and simplified the ability to offer your clients the latest mobile devices bundled with some of the most competitive mobile plans from Optus Business so you can focus on your core business. Here’s how it works…….

  1. You find opportunities to offer your clients the latest iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows phone devices bundled with competitive plans from Optus Business.
  2. Contact one of our Business Specialists on 1300 885 944 who will complete a 5 minute voice authorisation with your client based on the plan you have recommended for them.
  3. The smartphone and/or tablet will be delivered direct to your client within 2 to 5 business days Australia Wide.



The main benefits to your business will be…….

  • New revenue streams for your business (upfront commissions + ongoing % revenue)
  • Ability to sell iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phones – upsell your IT services of device configuration, accessories and training services.
  • No complicated paperwork is needed as we will complete a simple 5 minute voice authorisation with your client
  • No administration or processing of orders required as we complete this on your behalf
  • Improved cashflow as no expensive  smart phone or tablet stock has to be purchased
  • You look great as we offer Account Management to your clients


If you feel we have a synergy and you would like to find out the finer details we would love to speak with you further, just complete the contact form below.

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