Mobile Telecom

About Us

Mobile Telecom was founded by Jason Hay in 2005 and has evolved and grown over the years to become one of Australia’s most trusted telecommunication brokers. We have been able to help thousands of small and medium size businesses save hundreds of thousands of dollars every year on telephone and IT related expenses!


We specialise in securing the most competitive pricing for all our clients big or small. And we make the transition simple, as we notify the client’s current telco of the changes so all they have to do is say ‘yes’, then sit back, relax and enjoy the savings and ongoing personal account management – best of all our service is offered free of charge, as our time is paid for by the telephone companies.


We are set apart by our competitors with our awesome team who are dedicated to offering the best customer experience to all our clients. We are a highly systemised business which keeps in regular communication with our clients with new orders as well as always keeping them up-to-date with the best plans as they change and as new technology becomes available.


We are an independent company of all of our telco suppliers, and therefore completely unbiased when it comes to ensuring our clients receive the best possible deal!!

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