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The search process involves examining documents recorded on public record that are filed against owner names or legal description of the property. Our title examiner partner carefully search Florida Tax Appraiser data, Tax Collector data, UCC State Registry filings and Clerk of Courts Official Records for information related to the ownership and encumbrance of property. There are literally hundreds of different types of documents recorded on record, but not all documents affect title or encumber property. This is where our abstracting experience comes into play.

  • Deed Information: We'll search from the prior owner forward and show all deeds in chain of title, not stopping at a quit claim deed, but going back to a good vesting deed.
  • Mortgage Information: We'll show all open mortgages encumbering property from the prior and current owners and list their assignments, modifications and related documents.
  • Judgment Information: We'll perform a 20 year name search on all names in chain of title and show all unreleased judgments and liens attaching to property.
  • Tax Information: We'll search back 3 years and show both current and delinquent tax information.

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You're left sorting through all the legal documents trying to find the addresses of which properties are coming up for auction. Once you find the address you need to manually look up each listing to find the details about it.

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